March Volunteer of the month

Arthurdale Heritage is pleased to announce that Dale Snyder has been selected as our volunteer for the month of March.   Dale has given generously of his time to help AHI raise money by volunteering at the WVU basketball games.

Mr. Snyder and his wife Nancy, live in Morgantown but have roots in the Arthurdale community.  Nancy’s grandfather, Mr. Ambrose Brotherton, was an original homesteader and lived in A-3.

When Dale was a child, he remembers visiting his aunt, Bertie Cress, who also lived in Arthurdale.

Arthurdale Heritage would like to take this opportunity to thank Dale for his time and support.  It is volunteers like Dale that make AHI a success!

Volunteer Opportunities — Lend a Helping Hand

Arthurdale Heritage needs weekend tour guides for Saturdays and Sundays (12-4).   We will be having a tour guide training session Saturday,  29 Aug.  at 11am.   Please meet in the Center Hall.

Being a tour guide is fun and enables you to meet some very interesting people.   Last week,  we had visitors from as far away as the Ukraine.   Another tour guide met a woman who served as a Peace Corp volunteer in Bosnia during the 1992-95 war!

If you’d like to see what it is like to be a tour guide, please come to the training session this Saturday.   Email for more info:

Help Arthurdale Heritage do more to help others understand the value of this historic preservation project and to have fun at community events through:

  • serving as a summer tour guide on weekend days (we’ll gladly train you)
  • assisting with periodic fundraising dinners in a variety of ways
  • becoming a member of our working committees
  • serving on the event staff for WVU football and basketball games as part of the Arthurdale group
  • providing office staff support for ongoing projects

Call the Arthurdale Heritage office at 304-864-3959 Tuesday through Friday, noon to 4 p.m., and we’ll be happy to discuss your interest in lending a helping hand.

Joe and Maryann Wolfe, AHI Volunteers of Year 2008


Joe and Maryann Wolfe have been chosen as Arthurdale Heritage Volunteers of the Year for 2008!

AHI has been privileged to have their support, dedication and wisdom as Board members and as volunteers.

Both Joe and his wife MaryAnn are graduates of the Arthurdale High School and children of Original Homesteaders.

Joe is the son of Clinton and Irene Wolfe and MaryAnn is the daughter of Frank and Annabel Davis.

Thank you Joe and Maryann!  We have become a better,  stronger community because of your time and effort!


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