Arthurdale Family Legacies

For those of us who have shared in life and career opportunities resulting from the Arthurdale experience, we need to serve as an example to others by providing for ongoing funding that will continue the legacy of Arthurdale for future generations. Follow this link donate in memory of or in honor of a family legacy member.

Truly, all of us - the original homestead families and their descendants, Arthurdale residents, and friends of Arthurdale, including businesses - can make this happen. Families are encouraged to join together to provide this special support as a group. To start a family legacy listing, a gift of $100 or more is needed (please specify the family group to be honored).

Eleanor with young girls

The Legacy Families

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Antoline Family
Bill Bucklew
Okey and Dove Day
Lon and Elizabeth Fullmer Family
Richard and Elizabeth Glass Family
David Glass
B.B and Rose Luzier Family
John "Daddy" & Izura Mason Family
Lucille and Leroy Myers
Roy and Opal Neely
Harold and Grace Schultz outside their Arthurdale home
Jesse Weaver Family
Clinton and Irene Wolfe Family
Luther and Marie Zinn