Fiber Arts


The Arthurdale Fiber Guild

The Arthurdale Fiber Guild is a collection of people who weave on Arthurdale's historic looms, teach classes, assist with programming, and help to preserve this tradition in Arthurdale.

You do not have to be a guild member to take a class, but if you decide to continue with learning to weave and would like the opportunity to consign items in our craft shop, we recommend joining the guild.

Use the links below to learn more about guild membership and sign up.

Fiber Arts Classes

With renovations to our Loom Room complete, we are excited to offer a selection of regular fiber arts classes.  Visit our Events Page to view all upcoming classes and learn about specific classes.

For adults, we will offer introductory weaving Mug Rug classes monthly.  Following a Mug Rug class, you may register for a multi-session first project class in which you will weave a more complex project on a pre-warped loom.  The next level class will be a start-to-finish project in which participants plan a project, warp their loom, and weave a selected piece.  Beyond this, we suggest joining the weaving guild to learn from your peers in the group, though more advanced classes may be introduced in the future.

We also offer introductory spinning classes and single-session fiber arts classes on other forms of weaving, with more classes to come.  For children, we have a variety of introductory fiber arts classes.

Screen Shot 2023-07-28 at 9.52.27 AM
Wedding Dress
Barbra Dorothy Mayor Thompson

Master weaver and homesteader descendant Barbra “Dorothy” Mayor Thompson created this wedding dress for her daughter Sarah in 1968. Using a summer-winter weave, Thompson wove the fabric then cut pieces from a pattern, finally sewing the entire dress together. Even the buttons on the back are covered with woven material.

On loan from Sarah Thompson Fletcher

Future Plans

Our fiber arts program at Arthurdale is small but growing, and we see a bright future ahead!  We hope to continue growing this program over the next several years and are eager to involve our community!

In November-December 2023, we will open a temporary exhibit focused on Fiber Arts heritage in Arthurdale with a rich assortment of related programming.

We also intend to expand class offerings and build the Fiber Guild so as to have weekly social weaving sessions and monthly guild meetings.

Great things are coming in Arthurdale's Fiber Arts programming!  Contact us to learn more and get involved!

If you are an educator looking to bring fiber arts into your classroom, please reach out to learn about our in-school programs that we can bring to you!