Thank you for your interest in visiting us here at Arthurdale Heritage.  To make planning your visit easier, we have provided some information below about the accessibility of our museum and answers to other questions you may have about visiting. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us at ahi@arthurdaleheritage.org or call us at 304-864-3959.  If you would like to request additional accessibility accommodations, please contact us before your visit, so that we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Arthurdale Heritage?

We are located at
18 Q Rd.
Arthurdale, WV 26520.

Are there Public Restrooms?

We have three gender-neutral bathrooms available.  One is in the Craft Shop where you will enter and pay for tours. The others are in Center Hall.

The Craft Shop bathroom and one of the Center Hall bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

We do not currently have any changing tables available.

Is the site wheelchair/stroller accessible?

We welcome guests in both wheelchairs and strollers.  Our Center Hall complex and the museum are all on one floor, and are accessible. You may have difficulty with the latter part of the tour, however, which goes across uneven ground to the Esso Station. In touring our E-15 Museum House, you will be unable to visit the second floor as there is no elevator available.

If you are taking a tour and using a wheelchair or stroller, we will escort you across A Road and will have a person standing at the top of the road to warn oncoming traffic as it can be a busy intersection and we want to protect our guests.

Accessibility Concerns on the Tour

In the main museum building (Administration) and the Forge, there is a chair to sit down in every room. We also have chairs available on the first floor of our E-15 Museum house, but there are currently none available on the second floor (accessible by stairs only) or outside the Esso Station where we point out a few places in the town.

If you would like to request additional accessibility accommodations, please contact us before your visit, so that we can help.

Can I Visit Without Taking a Tour?

You are welcome to visit Arthurdale without taking a guided tour; however, if you would like to explore our museum buildings, you will need to pay for a guided tour.

If you would like to visit for free, we encourage you to stop by the Craft Shop for a Driving Tour Brochure, which will guide you through our community.

Is Photography Allowed?

Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. (AHI) recognizes that for many visitors to AHI being able to photograph their experience and share it with friends via social media, websites, and other forms of communication positively enhances their time spent in the museum and at the historic site. AHI recognizes the need to protect artifacts on loan from other institutions. AHI recognizes the need to protect the artifacts in its care from photography that might cause degradation in the work.

Personal-use and recreational photography are permitted in the Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.’s permanent exhibition spaces subject to conditions below. Photography of special exhibitions or works on loan to the museum is sometimes prohibited by lenders. Photo policies for special exhibitions will be posted in the space. 

Visitors May:

  • Take casual, in-the-moment photos for personal use only.
  • Use handheld cameras, cell phones, and tablets with the flash turned off.
  • Post images from their visits on personal social media sites so long as they are not used for profit.

Visitors May NOT:

  • Use tripods, monopods, supplemental lights, selfie sticks, or other external equipment.
  • Sell or publish the images.
  • Use the images to promote themselves, any outside product or service.  

Visitors MUST:

  • Remain behind stanchions and maintain a safe, non-touching distance from all artifacts, cases, platforms, and pedestals.
  • Respect other visitors to the museum.

Professional photographers interested in utilizing Arthurdale Heritage for photography services should download our professional photography policy and contact us to schedule photography sessions.  $30 permits are available for a single two-hour session.  $100 permits are available for a one-year pass, though photographers must abide by all rules set forth in the policy.  Please contact us with any questions.

Can I Visit the Archives?

In order to protect the items in our archives, this part of the museum is off-limits to guests. If you have a particular question or would like to do research, please contact elizabeth.satterfield@arthurdaleheritage.org for help.

If you would like to inquire about a loan, please contact elizabeth.satterfield@arthurdaleheritage.org

We have substantial archives and have benefitted immensely from donations made by Arthurdale Homesteaders and their descendents. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us at elizabeth.satterfield@arthurdaleheritage.org or call us at (304) 864-3959.

Can I Bring my Pet?

Service animals are always welcome!

We also welcome well behaved pets on short leashes. For the safety of your pet as well as our livestock guard dogs and goats, all pets must be kept at least 30 feet away from the goat pasture. Please clean up after your pet.

I have an electric car. Can I charge it nearby?

We have an EV unit on site (next to our vintage Esso Station) that is available to use for free! Charge your car while visiting the craft shop and museum!