Help Give a Newborn a Good Start in Life!

Arthurdale Heritage is helping to collect donations for a Baby Shower to be held October 15 at the Kingwood Extension Office. Each year Starting Points Family Resource Center helps growing families by giving them a basket of needed baby items plus resource materials.

During the shower, family members go to mini-workshops on issues that deal with family health, baby safety, abuse prevention, childcare, and other topics that may improve the children’s chances of growing up in a safe and happy environment.

Through funds from UniCare, a Medicare medical insurance program, Starting Points buys big-ticket items like pack-n-play beds, strollers, and car seats for door prizes.

Drop off donations at Arthurdale Heritage during office hours or call Martha White at Starting Points (329-1965) to leave them at their office.

Needed Items

  • baby bottles (not with liners)
  • teethers
  • small stuffed animals (safe for babies)
  • pacifiers
  • rattles
  • baby socks
  • baby hats
  • small baby powder, lotion, wash, diaper rash ointment
  • thermometers
  • nail clippers
  • baby washcloths
  • bibs
  • baby spoons
  • receiving blankets
  • burp cloths
  • small packages of baby wipes
  • cloth diapers
  • diaper pins
  • baby clothes (up to 9 months)

Kees Property, Garden, and Pergola Donations

You make preserving Arthurdale possible and we recently received some wonderful donations that will greatly enhance AHI.

Thelma and Sharon Kees donated the Kees property which includes a house, original barn, and several acres to AHI. The house is Hodgson style, the first type built here, and we are planning on rehabilitating it and using it in several ways. Since it abuts our land behind Center Hall it will help protect the museum grounds so we can preserve our area’s original look.

We also want to thank Victor, Becky, Colton and Tyler Friend for adding another lovely garden project to our grounds plus constructing the new pergola. Once again they are using grant funds that Becky has gotten to benefit us. The Davis family has added to the beauty of the garden by paying for a cedar pergola which will be dedicated to the memory of Tommy Davis at the New Deal Festival.

Plan on coming by soon to admire these great new additions.

Update: AHI would like to thank Victor, Becky, Colton and Tyler Friend for their vision and continued hard work on this project, the Thomas Davis family for donating and staining the pergola, and the Country Kids and Clover Buds 4-H group who planted flowers on June 13, 2011.

McQuain Grant and Neely Donation Enable Computer Upgrade

Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. (AHI) was recently able to upgrade its office computers by combining a $3,000 grant from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust with a generous donation from Wade and Elizabeth Neely and daughters Debra and Michelle.

Wade Neely’s parents moved to their CR-1 homestead in 1941.  (SEE related story on this page.) He had many fond memories growing up in Arthurdale.  Even though he has moved out of West Virginia, Mr. Neely has remained an active supporter of AHI’s mission to preserve his boyhood community and its history. Earlier in 2009, he helped support AHI by donating an all-in-one printer to the organization.  Mr. Neely expressed his interest in providing future support for similar projects, so when it came time for a much needed technology upgrade in the AHI office, he and his family made the decision to give a generous donation.  They commented, “This donation shows our appreciation of all your hard work, along with everyone else who contributes time for this ongoing effort in the restoration of Arthurdale.”

The Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust was established by Mrs. Hazel Ruby McQuain, a renowned community benefactor who died in 2002 at the age of 93. The retired president of Ruby Enterprises, Inc., Mrs. McQuain was a longtime resident of Arthurdale. She was one of the founders of the Arthurdale Women’s Club that organized the 50th Anniversary celebration of the homesteading of Arthurdale; the event that resulted in the formation of Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.  Arthurdale Heritage named Mrs. McQuain an honorary board member in 1992, along with former WV Senator Jennings Randolph.

The new computer equipment will allow AHI to operate more efficiently both internally and in its educational outreach presentations. AHI would like to thank the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust and the Neely family for their continued support.

AHI still needs other vital office equipment

Thanks to a generous donor, AHI no longer needs a copier.  However, we still need other vital office equipment!

Any support would be sincerely appreciated.   Contributions are tax deductible!   (please click here to see our needs list)

If you cannot afford to donate an item from our list,  would you please consider making a donation to our office equipment fund?   Thank you!    Note, AHI  now accepts PayPal.


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