Eleanor Roosevelt Farm Women’s Club minutes from 1938 to 1946

[soliloquy id=”4158″]The Eleanor Roosevelt Farm Women’s Club was the first women’s club established at Arthurdale after its founding.  The women of Arthurdale held important roles and organized several committees such as the school committee and the weavers’ room as actions of civic engagement. It was through through these committees and clubs that homesteader women contributed to their new community and made their voices heard on a similar level to those being heard from the all-male Homesteader’s Club. By contributing to civic discourse, the women of the Farm Women’s Club actively engaged with their community by working to carve out the idyllic community out of the difficulties of the Great Depression. Below, you’ll find a handful of the original meeting minutes taken by the women of the Farm Women’s Club detailing the events of the club, who participated, and how each meeting was run.


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