Winners of the 2011 Elimination Dinner


Two of the lucky winners! Pictured here are Joel Beane and Eloise Milne with AHI Treasurer, Darlene Bolyard. Mrs. Milne donated her $1000 prize back to AHI ! Thank you so very much Eloise!!

Congratulations to this year’s Elimination Dinner winners.   Thank you all for participating and for the wonderful auction items! Thanks to those who donated back their winnings back to AHI! It was a great event!

$1000 winner: Eloise Milne

$500 winner: Mary Downey

$250 winner: Joel Beane

$50 winner: Brenda Street

Here are our $35 winners:
#25 Mike Bryan
#50 Millie Karlin (donated winnings)
#75 Cheryl Arbogast
#100 Rich Stone
#125 Iris Huxtable
#150 Larry Shannon
#175 Harry and Dee Hayes
#200 Warren Coker (donated winnings)
#225 Mark Gaydos (donated winnings)

We hope to see you all again next year!

Please, let us know what you thought of the event! We appreciate any feedback.

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