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From WBOY TV,  Friday, 16 January:
ARTHURDALE — Arthurdale was the nation’s first New Deal Homestead Community established by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt during the Great Depression. 

Darlene Bolyard feels that President Roosevelt and President-elect Obama have a lot in common.

“The times that we’re going through now are almost exactly what FDR was going through when he was inaugurated and Arthurdale was founded,” says Ms. Bolyard.

Ms. Bolyard says she feels honored to be sharing her experience of Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration through her blog especially with those who cannot make the trip to Washington.

“I hope that President-elect Obama has looked at the history of FDR and his challenges and how he helped bring America out of hopelessness and back into prosperity and good times and he’ll learn from that and help us too as FDR did,” says Ms. Bolyard.

She is the daughter of Arnold and Sarah Bolyard and was raised in Arthurdale.   Darlene said is a product of Roosevelt’s success.

She says in 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt offered our country hope, the same hope that Barack Obama offers our country today.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it doesn’t matter who you voted for we are all in this together. Everyone in America is suffering right now just as they were in FDR’s time. So we have to get behind each other, we have to get behind President-elect Obama because we’re going to sink or swim together,” says Ms. Bolyard.

She leaves for Washington D.C. on Sunday.

She will begin blogging on Monday.

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