Preston County History: Fairfax Manor

In collaboration with Preston County History Day activities, the Fairfax Manor is open this Sunday, August 20,  from 2 – 5 pm. The historic home is still a family home and the current owner, Caroline Richmond, will open the historic home for FREE tours on these days.

Built in 1818 during the inception of Preston County, many of the original fittings of the original home are preserved – 9 over 6 and 6 over 6 windows, carved fireplace mantels with center medallions, center hall layout, numerous “old house” features, and great views of the county.

The home has an interesting Arthurdale connection — long before the time of Richard Arthur and Eleanor Roosevelt, the area that became Arthurdale was a plantation owned by Col. John Fairfax family.  Fairfax had served in the Revolutionary War with George Washington and had been an overseer at Mt. Vernon before coming to this area.  Although his stone Georgian stone 2-story home and Kingwood plantation were over 10 miles away, he and his wife are buried in Arthurdale.

Don’t miss the chance to see a unique piece of local history!

The street address is 1358 N. Preston Hwy. (Rt. 26 North of Kingwood, on the right, shortly after Eckert Heating)

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