Residents Donate Historic House to Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.

Arthurdale residents Thelma Kees and her daughter Sharon, have generously donated an original Hodgson home and over three acres of land to Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. The house, homestead E-2, was the first house completed in Arthurdale.

“We are thrilled with the generosity of the Kees family and this donation. It ensures that this historic house will be restored and maintained as part of Arthurdale Heritage’s mission of preservation and education,” said Jeanne Goodman, Arthurdale Heritage Executive Director.

The house was originally built for members of the National Youth Administration in 1934. Thelma Kees’ family purchased the house in 1942 and it has been in her family since. AHI is beginning a capital campaign to raise funds to restore the house to its original 1934 condition to use as a classroom and museum building.

AHI will be honoring the Kees family for their donation at the New Deal Festival on Saturday, July 9th. The ceremony is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on the Center Hall Main Stage.


Kees house

Kees house, 1959


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