Metal Detectors Prohibited

Sadly, the vandalism, destruction and theft in our former school buildings has not stopped. We are at our wit’s end trying to keep thieves, drug users and others off our property and OUT of our school buildings. As most of you know, we have recently received some funding to begin restoration of the school buildings. And, even more exciting is our work to restore and repurpose the former Arthurdale High School building into THE WV historic preservation trades school.

We have never allowed people to use metal detectors to find artifacts on our property. Any items on or underneath AHI property belong to our museum and community. Therefore, we are notifying all that we cannot and will not, allow the use of metal detectors on our property. This will also prevent innocent people from being suspected of trespassing on our school property. Thank you for your understanding.

Darlene Bolyard, Executive Director

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