Planned Giving

Remembering Arthurdale Heritage in Your Estate Planning

In Your Will

To support Arthurdale Heritage through a gift provision in your will, please print this page and take the information to your attorney:

I give (gift amount / asset / % of estate) to Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. (tax i.d. # 55-0658260001), located in Arthurdale, West Virginia, for the
Maintenance/Staff Salaries Endowment Fund.
General Fund.

We would be grateful if you would let us know that you have made such a wonderful gift so that we can thank you.  It is truly appreciated. Please send a note to us about your special gift or send a copy of that section of your will to Arthurdale Heritage at P. O. Box 850, Arthurdale, WV 26520.  All gift information is kept confidential.

Asset Account Beneficiary

Another option is to make Arthurdale Heritage the after-death beneficiary of a retirement asset account. The company that handles the account can provide the beneficiary form to do that. Simply make the beneficiary Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.

Life Insurance Policies

You may own a life insurance policy that has outlived its original purpose. You may donate it to Arthurdale Heritage by completing a change of owner form available from the insurance company. If additional premiums need to be paid, you can send that amount to Arthurdale Heritage. Those amounts will be tax deductible gifts.