The B.B. and Rose Luzier Family Legacy

BB and Rose Luzier Family
(From Left to Right): Glenn and Dolores "Dot" Luzier with parents Rosella and Berney Britton "B.B." Luzier

B.B moved his family from Scott's Run to Arthurdale between Christmas and New Years in 1933.  The family stayed in a hotel in Reedsville for three or four days while the upstairs of the Arthur mansion was readied for the family.  B.B. was brought to Arthurdale to be the cook for the first group of workers who were constructing the new community.  B.B., like his father, got his experience as a cook by working in the logging camps.  Casey Schultz was his assistant cook at the mansion.

Rosella's task was to take care of the children.  She too was a good cook and knew everyone in the community.  She hosted the many meetings that took place in her upstairs living room at the mansion.  These meetings would include Project manager, D.C. officials, and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt herself.

Eleanor enjoyed visiting with Rosella, especially since she was the only lady in town at that time.  The family still treasures the photo of baby Glenn being held by Mrs. Roosevelt.  The Luzier family lived in the Arthur mansion for two years before receiving a homestead.

Since B.B. was an electrician in the coal mines, he worked as an electrician for the government after the family moved to their X-3 homestead.  Rosella was involved with the Women's Club and church activities.  Upon the request of Mrs. Roosevelt, she traveled to Pittsburgh, PA, to purchase Christmas gifts for the children.  Mrs. Roosevelt gave her the money to buy the gifts for the Christmas party that would be held at the gym.

On Saturdays the family's entertainment would be playing cards or visiting neighbors.  Rosella often set two tables because someone was always there.  On weekends there wouldn't be enough beds for guests and you would find friends sleeping everywhere.

The five children of the Luziers are: Jane Schultz, Letty Lousie Penland, Jack Dale Luzier, Glenn Allen Luzier, and James Foster Luzier.

- Written by Glenn Luzier