New Exhibit open December 5: Treasured

We are excited to present a new temporary exhibit at Arthurdale Heritage, which will open to the public on Monday, December 5 and run through Friday, January 13. Treasured: Contemporary Reflections on Arthurdale is a rare opportunity to see items from our collection that are not normally on display and learn something new about Arthurdale’s history.

The exhibit is only open from December 5-January 13. (Arthurdale Heritage and Treasured will be closed for the holidays from December 23-January 1.)

Far from irrelevant, historic pieces force us to reflect upon the past, consider the present, and hope for the future. Every item from Arthurdale contributes to a shared patchwork of stories, families, and experiences. But these pieces also remind us of much more than individual places or moments in time. They symbolize decades of hardship overcome by perseverance, despair met with optimism, and ruin transformed by restoration. 

These objects now challenge us to press onward, imagining what we will achieve together.

This exhibition is made possible by funds from an anonymous donor. We wish to thank them for their generosity and commitment to Arthurdale Heritage.