Volunteerism is very important to the success of our organization.  There are a number of ways to volunteer for Arthurdale Heritage including serving as a committee member, Board member, or as a special event volunteer.  Volunteers carry-out a variety of tasks for AHI including organizing special events like our New Deal Festival, Ice Cream Social, and monthly dinners. Volunteers help promote the history of Arthurdale by serving as museum tour guides, designing and updating our website, and writing stories for our quarterly newsletter and local newspapers. Volunteers also help preserve the history of Arthurdale by serving on our Maintenance/Restoration Committee that completes necessary work on our historic buildings. We are always looking for new volunteers to help further our mission of preserving the cultural history of our unique community.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for AHI, contact us at 304.864.3959, e-mail at ahi@arthurdaleheritage.org, or download our volunteer pamphlet.

Volunteer Recognition

Arthurdale Heritage recognizes the efforts of outstanding volunteers on a monthly basis. AHI’s Executive Committee of the Board of Directors chooses the Volunteer of the Month based upon either exceptional volunteerism during the month or exceptional continued volunteerism over a period of time.

2008 Volunteers of the Month
Back Row (L to R): Elma Dillsworth, Tina Roscoe, Danny Roscoe, Nellie Britton, Roy Britton, Randy McDonald. Front Row (L to R): Christa Edwards, Craig Roscoe, Donna Roscoe, and Kathy McDonald.  Not Pictured:  Sarah Barnes, Scarlett Clark, Chuck Collins, Dick DeGolyer, Arlene Dolan, Matt Sines, Margaret Stuck, and Shelby Walls.


Annually, the Volunteer of the Year Award is bestowed on one of the Volunteers of the Month and is decided by a vote of the Board of Directors prior to the membership dinner held every October. Membership in Arthurdale Heritage is not required for you to volunteer your time or to be selected as a Volunteer of the Month.

Joe & Maryanne Wolfe, 2008

Joe and Maryanne at the 2008 Anniversary Dinner

Joe and Maryanne Wolfe have been dedicated volunteers for AHI since moving back to WV in 2004.  Both are excellent tour guides and assist frequently with group tours and as weekend museum guides. In 2008, the two began organizing “picture parties” that bring together long-time residents of Arthurdale to discuss growing up in the community while identifying people in historic photographs of Arthurdale.  Joe is the chairperson of the History, Education, Library, and Museum Committee and has assisted with exhibit creation as well as written numerous articles about Arthurdale for the AH newsletter.  In 2007-2008, he took over the duties to recruit volunteers for WVU Basketball games, which has served as a great winter fundraiser for the organization.  Maryanne is the chair of the Arthurdale School Reunion Committee and works year-round to organize the annual event which brings together former students of the Arthurdale Schools.  Both Joe and Maryanne are homesteader descendants.  Joe is the son of Clinton and Irene Wolfe (F-6) and Maryanne is the daughter of Frank and Annabel Davis (Q-9).

Tom Bonnette & Richie Davis, 2007

Tom and Richie at the 2007 Anniversary Dinner

Both Tom Bonnette and Richie Davis can be seen frequently volunteering at AHI events.  Both have worked for years with their families at monthly dinners and special events like the New Deal Festival. Both Tom and Richie have served as AHI Board members and in 2007, as members of the Maintenance/Restoration Committee, the duo volunteered to paint the E-15 Homestead. Tom also served as an integral member of the Arthurdale Honor Roll Restoration Committee in 2006 and sits on the board for the Arthurdale Water Association. Richie has been a dedicated volunteer for AHI at WVU basketball games since this unique fundraising opportunity started in 2006. Both Tom and Richie are Arthurdale homesteader descendants. Tom is the son of Claude and Hazel Bonnette (B-5, M-15) and Richie is the son of Frank and Annabel Davis (Q-9).

Bob & Edna Day, 2006

Bob and Edna with family members and Congressman Alan Mollohan

Bob and Edna Day have volunteered countless hours for AHI since its inception and always work with a smile on their faces. Edna is a member of the Craft Shop Committee and can also be seen helping at monthly dinners. She said she volunteers because she enjoys meeting people. “I deeply appreciate having lived in Arthurdale and being a part of history. I am very fortunate to have been here at the time of Arthurdale’s beginning,” she said of her experiences. Bob served as the chair of the Arthurdale Honor Roll Restoration Committee in 2006.  When asked why he volunteers for AHI, Bob replied, “Arthurdale is my home and I appreciate it. It takes many volunteers to keep it looking nice and a show place. I like to volunteer because it makes me feel more involved in community affairs, while advancing the goals of Arthurdale Heritage.”

Dyanna Bonnette & Suzie Davis, 2005

Dyanna and Suzie at the 2005 AHI Anniversary Dinner

Dyanna & Suzie are both Arthurdale residents that have been volunteering for AHI for many years. Dyanna works at Mylan Pharmaceuticals and is married to homesteader descendant, Tom Bonnette. Suzie owned her own hair salon (she retired in 2008), is the daughter of homesteaders Claude and Hazel Bonnette (B-5, M-15), and is married to homesteader descendant Richie Davis. Both Dyanna and Suzie have dedicated countless hours and numerous years as members of the AHI Program Committee to prepare the food for every monthly dinner as well as the New Deal Festival, Ice Cream Social, and elimination dinners. In 2005, Dyanna and Suzie’s volunteer efforts helped raise over $15,000 for AHI!

Marilee Hall, 2004

Marilee Hall and Rick Rodeheaver at the opening of “Produce for Victory” a traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibition about World War II hosted by AHI in 2006

Marilee Hall began volunteering for Arthurdale Heritage in 1987, just a few years after the organization’s inception.  Since then, Marilee has served more terms than any other member of the AHI Board, has held several offices, and worked on numerous committees. In addition to originating the AHI newsletter, Marilee is best-known for her fundraising work, especially with the Valley District Fair and New Deal Festival.  When asked about her years of volunteering for AHI, Marilee said, “I’m so lucky to be involved with a volunteer organization like AHI. My volunteer friends are second to none – they are my family.  The heritage of my community is special and I’m glad I have played a part in keeping it special for future generations.”

Randy Weaver, 2003

Randy volunteering to run the haywagon at the New Deal Festival.

Randy and his wife, Lorraine, live in Arthurdale and have volunteered for AHI since its inception in 1985.  Randy is the grandson of two original homesteader families:  Jess & Elma Weaver (E-6) and Clinton & Irene Wolfe (F-6).  Randy said he volunteers because he believes in the “original purpose of Arthurdale Heritage and its mission.”  Over the years, Randy has worked with almost every committee or volunteer activity of the organization and has served faithfully on the Board of Directors many terms.  He is a long-time member of the Maintenance Committee and served on the Valley District Fair Committee for 20 years. Until his retirement in 2008, Randy worked for many year as the farm supervisor at the West Virginia University Farm at Reedsville, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Clinton Wolfe.

Glenna Williams, 2002

Glenna Williams with Senator Jennings Randolph at the 1986 Arthurdale Homecoming celebration.

Glenna Williams moved to Arthurdale from Scotts Run in 1934.  She was one of the biggest proponents of Arthurdale, and was happy to tell anyone about the impact the move had on her life. When looking back on how her life changed after her family moved to their new house at O-1, Glenna would always describe it as going from black and white to Technicolor upon seeing the blue sky, white house, and green grass of Arthurdale.  Glenna helped organize the 50th anniversary celebration in Arthurdale and was the first president of Arthurdale Heritage.  After serving for five years on the AHI board, Glenna continued to be an adviser, historian, and cheerleader for the organization until her death in 2006.

Jeff Zinn, 2001

Jeff Zinn installing gas pumps at the museum service station.

Jeff Zinn is a double-homesteader descendant. His maternal grandparents are Cameron and Opal Radabaugh (BB-4) and his paternal grandparents are Luther and Marie Zinn (U-7).  Jeff and his wife Cathy have volunteered for AHI for many years. Jeff has been a long-time member of the Restoration/Maintenance Committee and served for many years on the Valley District Fair Committee.  He was awarded Volunteer of the Year in 2001 for his work to restore the service station that is part of the New Deal Homestead Museum.

Dave Hall, 2000

Dave Hall with the Arthurdale Co-Op Tractor, restored by the Restoration/Maintenance Committee in 2006.

As a youngster, Dave Hall lived at Y-1 and attended Arthurdale Elementary. He moved to Arthurdale with his wife Marilee in 1978, and has been actively involved with Arthurdale Heritage almost since its inception. Dave is long-time member of the Restoration/Maintenance Committee, helps with the square dances and tours, and served on the Valley District Fair Committee for 14 years. Dave is a Vietnam Veteran and retired from Consolidation Coal Company in 1999 after over 30 years.  He is a dedicated volunteer for AHI who is always willing to help at a moment’s notice.


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