Plexiglass Printing with Eddie Spaghetti – nonmembers


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Make artwork like Rembrandt! Even if drawing is challenging for you, this printmaking class guarantees success. Drypoint printmaking uses plexiglass to imprint images. Because Plexiglass is clear artwork can be traced from sketchbooks, photographs, or other images. Using the dry point printmaking method, Eddie Spaghetti will teach you to scratch into plexiglass to create an image. To make a print, the scratched plate is inked all over, then wiped off the surface leaving only ink in the scratched lines. The plate is then put through a press together with a sheet of paper, making a print. This process can be repeated many times to make several prints. Drypoint offers the ability to explore line quality and detail in drawing. You will leave with prints perfect for framing.

Class is February 23rd at 1pm in the AHI Center Hall. The cost is $40 for AHI members and $45 for non-members. Cost is half price for kids under 12 with adult. All materials included.