Creative Writing Workshop – member cost


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Do you have a story you would like to share but are unsure how to write it down? How about a project you are working on that needs an additional eye? Well this class is for you!

The first session will be January 21st from 5-7:30pm in AHI Center Hall. The teacher, Caleb Milne, is an adjunct professor at West Virginia University and has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and Poetry. In this class, he will walk you through HOW to write creative fiction, poetry, short stories, or whatever medium you desire. Beginning with examples from WV writers, the class will transition into writing exercises. The class is collaboration oriented, and time will spent critiquing and sharing the work to gain valuable feedback from a professional and your peers. You will able to discuss, create, experiment, and leave the class with the knowledge of how to compose your ideas and a new community of fellow writers.

This can be a one-time class, or you will have the opportunity to sign up for an additional 5 weeks for further instruction. Tickets for the first class must be purchased in advance.