Win this beautiful handwoven scarf!

Win this beautiful handwoven scarf!


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To mark the arrival of the traveling Smithsonian exhibit, “Crossroads, change in rural America” to Arthurdale, we are offering you a chance to win this one of a kind, handmade scarf.

This  beautiful worsted wool scarf was handwoven by Arthurdale weaver, Linda Flemmer, using a historic pattern.   The pattern is a “24 thread repeating plaid pattern” used by Arthurdale’s most famous weaver, Dorothy Mayor Thompson.

In 1939, Dorothy Mayor Thompson, an original homesteader, was sent to Kentucky by Eleanor Roosevelt to study weaving under Kentucky master weaver Lou Tate.

Weaving routinely uses math skills to calculate the amount of thread or yarn needed for the project.  This pattern from Little Loomhouse Patterns, September 1948 demonstrates the use of algebra to develop the color pattern.  It gives color values to the cube of a binomial equation used in plain weave.

(X+Y)3  breaks down to

X3  + 3X2 Y + 3XY2 + Y3  = xxx xxy xxy xxy xyy xyy xyy yyy   OR

xxxxx  y  xx  y  xx  y  x  yy  x  yy  x  yyyyy

where X is the first color and Y is the second color for both the warp threads and the weft threads.

The results are a 24 thread repeating plaid pattern being woven today by Linda Flemmer on Arthurdale’s vintage Dorset Loom.

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