2010-11 Board of Directors Ballot

We are in the process of mailing members of Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. the 2010-2011 Board of Directors ballot, as well as an invitation to the annual dinner and information on changes we are planning for the organization’s by-laws.  We’re asking members to please fill out the ballots and return them by October 23.

Read the changes to the by-laws here: AHI By-Law Changes (revised September 2010)

The annual membership meeting and dinner is scheduled for Sunday, October 24 at 5:00 p.m.

Here are the nominations for the 2010-2011 Board of Directors:

Board of Directors Nominees

Term Ending 2011

Please vote for 2 candidates:

_____ Nick Taylor – Kingwood, WV

Nick Taylor is the banking center manager for WesBanco in Kingwood.  He is interested in serving on the AHI Board because of his close family ties to Arthurdale.  His grandmother, Juanita Radabaugh Taylor, is a homesteader descendant and has been an active volunteer of AHI for many years.  Nick is a 2006 graduate of West Virginia University with a B.S. in Business Administration.  He resides in Kingwood with his wife, Melissa.

_____    Amanda Strippel – Arthurdale, WV

Amanda Strippel is the office manager of Pro Performance gym in Morgantown.  She became became an interim director in 2010 to fill an unexpired term created by a resignation on the Board.  She quickly took to the job and began working with the Arthurdale Farm Stand this summer.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Science from WVU and also volunteers for the WV Raptor Center as well as M.T. Pockets Theatre.  Amanda lives in an original Arthurdale home with her dog and 3 cats.

_______________ (Write-In Candidate)

Term Ending 2012

Please vote for 2 candidates:

_____    Dee Myers Hays – Masontown, WV

Dee Hays is a business manager in Morgantown.  Dee filled an unexpired term created by a resignation on the 2009-10 Board of Directors.  In her short time on the Board, Dee has served as a member of the Events Committee, helping with the annual Elimination Dinner, the New Deal Festival, and Ice Cream Social.  Dee grew up in Arthurdale on CR Road with her parents, brother, and sister.  She attended WVU on a full scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with Honors.  Dee lives in Masontown with her husband Harry and their dog Carter.

_____    Scott Spooner – Arthurdale, WV

Scott Spooner currently works at Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic.  Before moving to Arthurdale in 2008, he worked as a veterinary technician for Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine (working exclusively with horses) as well as managed a farm store in Michigan.  Scott and his wife Holly, a professor of animal science at WVU, are excited to be part of such a great community! Scott and his wife Holly just joyfully welcomed their first daughter, Grace, this July.  In their free time, Scott and Holly enjoying showing Quarter Horses, spending time with their dogs, Cash & Beaumont, and doing other outdoor activities.  Their house in Arthurdale is quite the zoo (or maybe Noah’s ark), with two horses, two dogs, two cats, two donkeys, two goats, and just one rabbit.

_______________ (Write-In Candidate)

Term Ending 2013

Please vote for 5 candidates:

_____    Sarah Barnes – Arthurdale, WV

Sarah Barnes is a web developer and designer who currently works as a Systems Engineer for createTank, LLC.  Before switching to the private sector in 2009, Sarah worked for WVU and WVNET in web development and public relations.  Sarah has been a volunteer and member of AHI since 2007, when she redesigned and brought AHI’s new website online.  Since then, she has become more interested in AHI and recently served as the President of the Board of Directors.  Sarah graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and History from WVU.  Although currently on hiatus from her studies, she has completed all but her thesis for a Masters of Science in Journalism.  Sarah lives in an original Arthurdale home with her husband Steve and their two children.

_____    Kathryn Burton – Morgantown, WV

Dr. Kathryn Burton is an Assistant Professor at WVU teaching History of Interiors & Furniture, Design Foundations, and Residential Design Studio courses.  Prior to moving to WV in 2009, Dr. Burton worked on arts and culture committees in Oregon.  Arthurdale was one of the first places she visited after moving to WV.  Dr. Burton has a Bachelor’s degree in Art, a Master’s degree in Interior Design, and a PhD in Historic Cultural Aspects of the Near Environment from Oregon State University.  In addition to teaching and researching, she is also a visual artist who works with watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, and fabric.

_____    Richard “Dick” DeGolyer – Kingwood, WV

Dick DeGolyer is an Arthurdale homesteader descendant.   In addition to his numerous other volunteer services to Preston County, Mr. DeGolyer has served on the AHI Board of Directors for many terms.

_____    Mary Maxwell – Morgantown, WV

Mary Maxwell is currently a student in the Public History program at WVU who expects to graduate in December 2010.   She recently spent a year as an intern at The Grave Creek Archaeological Complex where she helped inventory and curate the state’s archaeological collections, including field work to rescue exposed Native American human remains.  Mary has a passion for historic preservation and is looking forward to helping with the museum and archival collections in the New Deal Homestead Museum.  She holds a Master’s degree in Classics from the University of Colorado/Boulder and a Graduate Certificate in Cultural Resource Management from WVU.

_____    Alisha Myers – Arthurdale, WV

Alisha Myers currently works as a Web Coordinator for the WVU Office of Information Technology (OIT).  While attending WVU as an undergraduate, she worked as a Web Assistant for the Downtown Campus Library assisting the Web Master and Reference Librarian.  After graduating, she taught for Monongalia County Schools as a substitute until taking a Web Assistant position at WVU OIT.  Alisha has a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts and a teaching certification as well as a minor in Art History from WVU.  She lives in an original Arthurdale home.

_______________ (Write-In Candidate)

Nominating Committee

Term Ending 2012

Please vote for 2 candidates:

_____    Tom Bonnette – Arthurdale, WV

Tom Bonnette is a homesteader descendant.  His mother, Hazel Bonnette is the only original Arthurdale homesteader still living in Arthurdale.  He recently completed his second three-year term on the AHI Board of Directors and can be frequently seen volunteering at our fundraising events.  He resides in Arthurdale with his wife Dyanna.

_____    Richie Davis – Arthurdale, WV

Richie Davis is a homesteader descendant.  He recently completed his second three-year terms on the AHI Board of Directors and can frequently be seen at most of AHI’s fundraising events as our resident hamburger/hot dog grillmaster.  Richie resides in Arthurdale with his wife Suzie.

_______________ (Write-In Candidate)

By-Law Revisions

The Board of Directors recently spent time reviewing the by-laws of the organization in order to update them.  An electronic copy of the proposed changes can be found on our website at www.arthurdaleheritage.org/2010bylaws/.  If you would like to request a hard copy of the proposed changes, contact AHI at (304) 864-3959 and one will be mailed to you.

_____      I approve the proposed by-law changes

_____      I do not approve of the proposed by-law changes.


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