The Forge

The metalworking shop for the Arthurdale Association was located in the Forge, located in the center complex. Blacksmiths furnished fixtures, locks, and hardware for the homes built in Arthurdale as well as copper and pewter ware as well as wrought-iron items that was sold through the Craft Shop and mail-order catalog.  Arthurdale blacksmiths soon received a national reputation for the products they made.  According to a 1940 MCCA catalog, the pewter knives, candlesticks, bowls, and plates made in Arthurdale had a “true antique finish…[with the] charm of early American simplicity” and sold from 25 cents to $7 a piece. The American Federation of Arts even selected the MCCA pewter candlesticks for display at the 1937 Paris Exhibition to represent American craftsmanship.

The forge at Reedsville, West Virginia, Edwin Locke, December 1936, Library of Congress, FSA-OWI Collection.