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Crossroads: Change in Rural America

Arthurdale Heritage 18 Q Road, Arthurdale

The Smithsonian exhibit Crossroads: Change in Rural America will be on display in Arthurdale from December 13-Januray 21.  Come see the exhibit, learn about Arthurdale's history, and enjoy all our related events!  Learn more about the exhibit here. We will be closed for Christmas December 22-27 and for New Years' December 31 - January 2.

Special Exhibit: Richard Mine

The Richard Mine Exhibit is a Friends of Deckers Creek project that aims to reconnect our community with the history surrounding the Richard Mine, and the environmental legacies that came as a result. Friends of Deckers Creek is committed to helping treat the acid mine drainage that flows from Richard Mine, as it is the largest single source of contamination in the Deckers Creek watershed. This exhibit pays tribute to our region's proud mining and industrial heritage in the Deckers &hellip read more