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A New Deal For America

Edited by Bryan Ward, these proceedings from A New Deal for America: A National Conference on 1930s, Arthurdale, and New Deal Homesteads.  Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. held this national conference July 21-23, 1994, as part of the 60th anniversary celebration of Arthurdale.

Available in paperback for $12.00

Video and DVD

A First Lady’s Legacy
takes a look at the people whose lives were so dramatically changed by the Arthurdale homestead project. It is a personal story, illustrating how the actions of a government can impact the lives of individuals for many years to come. This video begins in 1932 and ends more than 50 years later with the 1984 reunion in Arthurdale. Produced by WNPB, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, this video won a SECA Certificate of Merit, a Bronze Apple from the National Educational Film and Video Festival in 1989, and second place in the West Virginia Film Festival in 1988.

Available in VHS or DVD format for $10.00