Cat’s Meow Village Series – Arthurdale Buildings

In 2003, Arthurdale Heritage began releasing its keepsake Cat’s Meow® Village series.  All buildings featured in the series are handcrafted, through a seven-stage production process that includes cutting, screen-printing, and individual hand-finishing.  These limited editions are all on sale for $15. They will not be restocked. Buildings currently available for purchase (plus postage):

Administration Building:  $15.00

High School:  $15.00

Center Hall:  $15.00

Forge:  $15.00

Esso Station:  $15.00

E 15 Homestead:  $15.00

Pump House:  $15.00

Co-Op:  $15.00

Hodgson Homestead:  $15.00

and the latest release, the Stone Homestead:  $15.00

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