Halloween Spooktacular Stories October 27th

October 27th will come alive with all things that “go bump in the night” as West Virginia Storytelling Guild members gather at the Center Hall in Arthurdale for an evening of spooktacular tales. At 6:00pm on Saturday, Oct. 27, in the great Hall, 5 tellers from across the state will spin a favorite tale from the ghost tale genre, each attempting to “out-tell” the others.

The featured tellers for this event are seasoned tellers, all. Stas’ Ziolkowski from Shepherdstown WV started telling stories about scientists and mathematicians. Realizing how much his students enjoyed learning in this special way, Stas’ continued telling throughout his 40 years in science and math classrooms. He has also told legends, fairy tales, historical and personal stories at churches, lodges, social gatherings, and festivals in each of the three states he and his wife have lived during the past two decades. Scary stories are a particular favorite. Expect to hear tales of the unexpected, tales that cross the oceans and tales from the grave.For more than 25 years, storyteller Katie Ross and her musician husband Otto have been presenting highly interactive storytelling programs at places such as churches, festivals, schools, civic organizations, libraries, and retreats. They call their duo “Stories by the Score.” Katie tells the tales and Otto plays the accordion, banjo, or guitar as part of the presentation. Katie tells all kinds of stories: inspirational, tall tales, personal, multicultural, etc. Since moving to West Virginia 13 years ago, she has especially enjoyed weaving tales of ghostly encounters in the local area. One of her favorites is “Haunted House Bend”, a tale of the C & O Canal in the eastern panhandle. Katie has won several awards, and she successfully auditioned to be a regional teller at the 2013 National Storytelling Network’s Annual Conference. Katie and Otto live in Mineral County, WV.
June Zugar Riffle, currently from Fairmont and a Preston County native, told stories for more than 20 years as part of the tandem-telling duo known as The Mountain Echoes. This evening’s event brings her out of retirement, as she will be telling a Preston County ghost story as well as a southern West Virginia tale about a dark creature looking for his tail.

Jason Burns of Morgantown is former president of the WV Storytelling Guild and the founder of the WV Spectral Heritage Project that seeks to collect, record, and perform ghost and monster stories indigenous to the state. He conducts ghost tour walks throughout WVU’s campus each fall. His tales are bound to come from within our state’s borders!

Finally, Jo Ann Dadisman from nearby Gladesville has been telling stories for half a century. She is dedicated to preserving the practice of storytelling throughout the state and has appeared at libraries, schools, and parks, for festivals and family reunions. The ghost story is one of her favorites because it reveals so much about the people, places and events that developed the mountainous region we call home.

Craft Show and Fall Festival October 13

The 2018 Craft Show and Fall Festival is just around the corner! Join us in Arthurdale on Saturday, October 13 for fun from 10 am – 4 pm. Free parking and admission with something for the whole family! Don’t miss live music with the West Virginia Hitchers playing from 11:30-1:30. Continue Reading

No tours Monday July 2nd

The Arthurdale Heritage office will be closed to the public on Monday, July 2nd to observe the Independence Day holiday.

Tours are available this weekend with regular hours and will resume on Tuesday, July 3rd.

Goat Gallop 5k 2018 Results

Congratulations to this years participants in the second annual Goat Gallop 5k for hoofin’ it through Arthurdale with us today! A big thank you to the volunteers who made the day possible.

The results of the race are available now at the Goat Gallop website and are posted below. We’ll see you next year!

2018 Results

Overall Results Women
1 Martin, Allie W13 Runner 20:40.47
2 Stark, Chloe Ann W14 Runner 21:46.06
3 Mihoces, Kacey W24 Runner 21:53.75
Overall Results Men
1 Friend, Cole M17 Runner 17:28.97
2 Barker, John M15 Runner 18:36.15
3 Ferrell, Ryan M20 Runner 20:02.81
Runner 10 & Under Results  – Women
1 McCormick, Dannika W9 Runner 33:11.00
2 Keliher, Chinglan W6 Runner 36:22.38
3 Roth, Amelia W7 Runner 38:19.41
4 Funk, Maddie W10 Runner 40:50.72
5 Wisman, Jessie W9 Runner 51:00.62
6 Burns, Zoey W8 Runner 52:34.59
Runner 11-14 Results  – Women
1 Cottrill, Katie W11 Runner 22:09.66
2 Street, Colin W14 Runner 26:34.03
3 Bennett, Mallory W11 Runner 28:19.00
4 Bucklew, Lindsay W14 Runner 33:38.94
5 Bucklew, Morgan W14 Runner 35:32.44
6 Bucklew, Emily W12 Runner 35:46.84
7 Saurino, Sophia W12 Runner 40:24.28
8 Davis, Sierra W13 Runner 42:08.78
9 McCormick, Kalla W12 Runner 44:05.00
10 Gallagher, Hailey W13 Runner 51:27.84
Runner 19-29 Results  – Women
1 Workman, Kaitlyn W22 Runner 24:43.28
2 Waddell, Jessica W27 Runner 38:09.81
3 Clagett, Bronwyn W23 Runner 40:03.53
4 Bauer, Hunter W24 Runner 44:04.09
5 Workman, Whitney W24 Runner 44:07.40
Runner 30-39 Results  – Women
1 Morton, Rebecca W30 Runner 25:44.15
2 Admas, Lindsay W34 Runner 25:49.88
3 Hutzell, Lauren W32 Runner 25:53.15
4 Bowdridge, Lizzie W33 Runner 27:55.94
5 Stafford, Beth W35 Runner 31:28.91
6 Johnson, Tracy W39 Runner 31:48.81
7 Tracey, Amanda W38 Runner 32:53.94
8 Lawson, Kimberly W30 Runner 35:37.66
9 Herman, Jennifer W31 Runner 36:06.59
10 Hamrick, Melissa W38 Runner 36:10.59
11 Schmidt, Michelle W38 Runner 36:21.84
12 Hathaway, Katie W36 Runner 36:33.50
13 Litten, Lorena W31 Runner 38:08.84
14 Clements, Alana W36 Runner 43:55.47
15 Roth, Heather W39 Runner 51:56.09
16 Gallagher, Amanda W34 Runner 53:53.53
17 Cassese, Erin W38 Runner 55:21.69
18 Shane, Hillary W33 Runner 58:15.00
Runner 40-49 Results  – Women
1 Finch, Tara W40 Runner 26:36.84
2 Klein, Mercy W42 Runner 29:05.88
3 Frie, Kimberly W49 Runner 30:44.72
4 Belding, Louisa W48 Runner 31:00.18
5 Ballester, Lorena W42 Runner 31:51.24
6 Simko, Melanie W48 Runner 32:36.09
7 Bentley, Erica W40 Runner 34:33.09
8 Street, Amanda W44 Runner 36:02.28
9 Crichigno, Sarah W46 Runner 40:28.78
10 Deshler, Jessica W40 Runner 41:06.66
11 Funk, Jennifer W47 Runner 41:40.18
12 Jones, Amy W43 Runner 43:52.06
13 Witter, Beth W41 Runner 50:18.53
14 Wisman, Bethany W43 Runner 51:05.00
15 Duritsa, Rosa W46 Runner 59:05.47
Runner 50-59 Results  – Women
1 Mihoces, Jill W51 Runner 26:46.44
2 Eason, Susan W58 Runner 33:30.91
3 VanGilder, Robin W56 Runner 44:04.40
4 Gross, Laura W59 Runner 47:32.38
5 Corbin, Veronica W57 Runner 49:18.97
6 Crites, Tracy W57 Runner 57:59.00
Runner 60-69 Results – Women
1 Bauer, Suzy W60 Runner 33:19.09
Runner 70+ Results – Women
1 Witt, Susan W71 Runner 40:04.31
2 Richmond, Caroline W82 Runner 1:14:00.00
Walker 10 & Under Results – Women
1 Sheets, Evelyn W8 Walker 46:47.28
2 Debusca, Mila W6 Walker 1:00:57.38
Walker 11-14 Results – Women
1 Bowers, Nataleigh W14 Walker 1:06:31.84
Walker 15-18 Results – Women
1 Anderson, Mackenzie W15 Walker 1:17:13.00
2 Smith, Madison W16 Walker 1:17:15.00
Walker 19-29 Results – Women
1 Plum, Sabra W27 Walker 47:37.75
2 Gray, Lindsay W27 Walker 55:19.56
3 Cole, Adreona W21 Walker 59:41.22
Walker 30-39 Results – Women
1 Teasdale, Laura W34 Walker 51:37.72
2 Olgun, Nicole W33 Walker 52:42.38
3 Harsh, Kali W31 Walker 58:15.28
4 Lambert, Jessica W35 Walker 59:28.18
5 Lambert, Leticia W38 Walker 59:28.81
6 Wimer, Crystal W35 Walker 1:00:17.06
7 Debusca, Allison W31 Walker 1:00:58.94
8 Sheets, Tracy W39 Walker 1:01:48.88
Walker 40-49 Results – Women
1 Plum, Kimberly W49 Walker 47:39.97
2 Zucker, Stephanie W47 Walker 50:19.41
3 Spielmaker, Heather W46 Walker 51:38.72
4 Atkinson, Andrea W40 Walker 51:51.75
5 Bennett, Amanda W41 Walker 51:56.87
6 Warnick, Elizabeth W48 Walker 53:55.06
7 Caronia, Nancy W46 Walker 55:22.31
8 Harris, Missy W47 Walker 58:49.34
9 Workman, Sue W47 Walker 1:00:50.22
10 Bolyard, Melissa W46 Walker 1:14:18.00
Walker 50-59 Results – Women
1 Capp, Lana W53 Walker 47:40.24
2 Held-Raubaugh, Cynthia W56 Walker 48:41.34
3 Summers, Dorinda W52 Walker 51:53.00
4 Davis, Tonda W50 Walker 52:05.44
5 Headley, Darlene W57 Walker 53:20.18
6 Walton, Cheryl W52 Walker 57:03.78
7 Rodeheaver, Athena W53 Walker 1:14:19.00
Walker 60-69 Results – Women
1 Scott, Brooke W66 Walker 43:45.47
2 Duncan, Linda W66 Walker 51:53.96
3 Benson, Elaine W62 Walker 52:09.62
4 Hoch, Susan W65 Walker 53:05.88
5 Straight, Charlene W67 Walker 57:16.03
6 Mueller, Lori W65 Walker 58:08.78
7 Nicholson, Holly W66 Walker 58:09.59
8 Zuccari, Polly W68 Walker 59:41.84
9 Williams, Debra W65 Walker 1:00:23.44
Runner 10 & Under Results – Men
1 Nixon, Preston M9 Runner 25:28.34
2 Bennett, Elijah M7 Runner 38:12.59
Runner 11-14 Results – Men
1 Cerbone, Lowell M13 Runner 20:47.97
2 Martin, Tyler M14 Runner 25:08.81
3 Flesher, Tyler M13 Runner 26:08.75
4 Wisman, Jacob M12 Runner 35:23.09
5 Burns, Jaden M12 Runner 39:54.59
Runner 15-18 Results – Men 
1 Ferrell, Shane M17 Runner 21:21.15
2 Wolfe, Grant M16 Runner 30:11.69
Runner 19-29 Results – Men
1 Fitch, Jack M20 Runner 26:15.41
2 Stoneberg, Konner M20 Runner 26:57.00
3 Dwialeebe, Logan M20 Runner 27:20.59
4 Jackson, Wil M25 Runner 44:08.09
Runner 30-39 Results – Men 
1 Schneider, Roy M30 Runner 23:04.81
2 Hutzell, Zachary M30 Runner 23:28.50
3 Duckert, Lowell M36 Runner 24:33.22
4 Chinukwue, Ike M31 Runner 26:08.06
5 Heinrich, Clint M36 Runner 30:02.94
6 Carter, Paul M32 Runner 31:23.62
7 Hartman, Adam M33 Runner 32:48.69
8 Hamrick, Jeffrey M38 Runner 36:34.78
9 Burns, Josh M38 Runner 1:04:46.91
Runner 40-49 Results – Men
1 Johnson, Kevin M49 Runner 23:57.84
2 Filcheck, William M49 Runner 24:52.12
3 Saurino, Jason M42 Runner 24:58.15
4 Simko, Mike M49 Runner 25:30.93
5 Carlson, Stephanie M43 Runner 26:41.18
6 Downs, Michael M42 Runner 35:45.47
7 Keliher, Macabe M42 Runner 36:25.28
8 Bennett, Bradly M41 Runner 38:25.09
9 Wisman, David M42 Runner 39:56.38
10 Bucklew, Chad M47 Runner 47:07.18
Runner 50-59 Results – Men
1 Haddox, Chris M57 Runner 24:02.78
2 DeVault, Mark M52 Runner 29:05.03
3 Burns, Pete M59 Runner 33:11.28
4 Works, Austin M54 Runner 48:42.31
Runner 60-69 Results – Men
1 Gross, Rick M63 Runner 26:49.68
2 Scott, Andrew M60 Runner 32:17.06
3 Crites, Joe M64 Runner 33:30.12
Runner 70+ Results – Men
1 Cole, Robert M83 Runner 48:52.15
Walker 11-14 Results – Men
1 Debusca, Cameron M11 Walker 56:56.44
Walker 15-18 Results – Men
1 Atkinson, Hayden M17 Walker 1:01:49.72
Walker 19-29 Results – Men
1 Gray, Eric M27 Walker 55:20.22
Walker 30-39 Results – Men
1 Bickel, Michael M33 Walker 52:42.00
Walker 40-49 Results – Men
1 Sheets, DJ M44 Walker 46:46.18
2 Heldreth, William M41 Walker 54:40.31
Walker 50-59 Results – Men
1 Walton, Keith M57 Walker 57:02.53
2 McKeen, Russ M51 Walker 58:50.31
3 Workman, Bruce M50 Walker 1:00:50.50
Walker 60-69 Results – Men
1 Capp, Chuck M63 Walker 44:24.50
2 Hoch, Clifford M69 Walker 53:05.15
Walker 70+ Results – Men
1 Fedeles, Darrell M77 Walker 54:29.31

Want to download the files? They are available here! 

2018 Goat Gallop Group Results

2018 Goat Gallop Overall Times

Call for Quilts! New Deal Festival 2018

Please join Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. and the
Community Presbyterian Church of Arthurdale for the

New Deal Festival Quilt Show – Wrapped in His Love

July 14, 2018
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Community Presbyterian Church of Arthurdale

Quilts will be accepted from 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Friday, July 13th at the Church. All bed sized quilts will be displayed and identified by Quilter, Designer, Long-Arm Quilter as applicable, and approximate year of creation.

Quilts will need to be picked up at the Church from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm on July 14th unless other arrangements are made.
Quilts will be handled with love and care however we are not responsible for damage should it occur.

For more information call Kathy George at 304-864-5722. Thanks!

The quilt registration form can be downloaded here: NDF Quilt Show registration.

  Celebrate 2018 Preston County History Days on the third Sundays June – October

Learn more about the amazing history in your backyard during Preston County History Days on June 17July 15August 19September 16, and October 21.

        Some sites charge admission; parking is free.

Arthurdale Heritage, a five-building museum complex representing the New Deal subsistence homestead project championed by Eleanor Roosevelt, including a restored homestead, on Rt. 92.  Craft Shop also open.

  • 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • Open all dates

Aurora Area Historical Society, in its new building, features collections ranging from old-time retail and farming to manufacturing and home life, as well as extensive groups of area photos, at 23904 George Washington Highway (Rt. 50).

  • 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
  • Open all dates

Old Hemlock, country home of renowned outdoors author and Old Hemlock Setters’ breeder, George Bird Evans.  Seven-room stone/log house constructed in 1782. 17098 Brandonville Pike.

  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Open September 16 only

James McGrew House in Kingwood, 1841 brick home built by the prominent businessman involved in the formation of West Virginia.  Gift shop also open.  Along Rt. 7

  • 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Open all dates

Szilagyi Center in Rowlesburg featuring the World War II Museum, Preston County Sports Museum, B&O bridges exhibit, Emporium and café, on Rt. 72

  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Open all dates

Preston County History House in Terra Alta with three floors of Preston County history exhibits and photos, including genealogy records, 109 East Washington Street

  •  1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Open June through September

Tunnelton Train Depot Museum is a 1913 brick train station constructed for the B&O Railroad and an extensive collection of artifacts.  Nearby are two historic train tunnels, Boswell Street (from Rt. 26, in the center of town, go through the short underpass and the train depot is on your left).

  • 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Open June through September

Plus three outdoor Civil War Trail sites in Aurora and Rowlesburg.

Hoof it through history at the Goat Gallop 5k

The 2018 Goat Gallop 5k Run / Walk is just around the corner and we can’t wait! Join us on Saturday, June 16 for a gallop around historic Arthurdale with the herd. Celebrate the history of Preston County by enjoying an event in the heart of Eleanor Roosevelt’s “Little Village”.

Pre-registration closes Friday June 1st; this special pre-registration guarantees an event t-shirt and saves $5! Registration will be open online and onsite until the event.

Register online at runsignup.com/Race/WV/Arthurdale/goatgallop5k or stop by the office for paper registration. Visit the race website goatgallop5k.wordpress.com  for more information!