About Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.

Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic Arthurdale, WV (Map).

Created in 1985, AHI has restored five community buildings that make up the New Deal Homestead Museum. We are currently restoring one of the original Hodgson homesteads, and we are making plans to restore three of the original Arthurdale School buildings.

To learn more about the work AHI has done to preserve historic Arthurdale, check out our Historic Preservation page.

For more information about AHI, read our Annual Report or contact one of our staff members.

Contact Us

Phone: 304-864-3959

email: ahi@arthurdaleheritage.org


Darlene Bolyard – Executive Director – ahi@arthurdaleheritage.org

Jeanne Goodman – Volunteer Archivist – jeanne.goodman@arthurdaleheritage.org

Board of Directors (2016-2017)

Contacting the Board of Directors
If you would like to contact the board of directors, please contact the Executive Committee: executive.committee@arthurdaleheritage.org

  1. Randy Weaver, President (email: president@arthurdaleheritage.org)
  2. Don Bonnett
  3. Vicki Cole
  4. Roger Day
  5. Paul Estep
  6. Stacy Greaser
  7. Missy Hartsell
  8. Marvin Hileman
  9. Erica Oliphant
  10. Jason Oliphant
  11. Kim Riley
  12. Anna Schien
  13. Ed Turnley


The Forge and Administration Building c. 1986 when Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. took possession of them.