Original Hodgson House

One of the 50 original Hodgson houses ordered from a catalog by President Roosevelt’s aide, Louis Howe, over 80 years ago was opened for a one-day tour on September 13. To commemorate the special day, remarks were made by Dr. Jenny Boulware of WVU, Jeanne Goodman, executive director, and Sharon Kees, who grew up in the home. The two-bedroom house also features a sun room off the living room.


Construction on the first 50 houses started in 1933 and completed in 1934. Called Hodgson houses, they were prefabricated by a manufacturer who had originally designed them to be vacation summer cottages in New England. They were made of Oregon cedar over pine frames and featured cedar siding and standing seam metal roofs. The homes proved to be poorly insulated and of light construction, making them ill-suited for the harsh winters to be found in Preston County, West Virginia. One … read more

Celebrating Arthurdale’s 80th Birthday in 2014!

When spring arrives, we’ll have Second Saturday happenings beginning in May to celebrate this historic birthday. When homesteaders moved in during 1934, all arrived with great excitement. It was a second chance at life in a place like no other where they had lived. Second Saturday events include: May 10 –Gardening with the Kingwood Master Gardeners June 14 – Dave Conley, Homer Laughlin historian, talking about Fiesta Ware July 12 – New Deal Festival adds a new exhibit on the … read more

Residents Donate Historic House to Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.

Arthurdale residents Thelma Kees and her daughter Sharon, have generously donated an original Hodgson home and over three acres of land to Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. The house, homestead E-2, was the first house completed in Arthurdale. “We are thrilled with the generosity of the Kees family and this donation. It ensures that this historic house will be restored and maintained as part of Arthurdale Heritage’s mission of preservation and education,” said Jeanne Goodman, Arthurdale Heritage Executive Director. The house was … read more

Kees Property, Garden, and Pergola Donations

You make preserving Arthurdale possible and we recently received some wonderful donations that will greatly enhance AHI. Thelma and Sharon Kees donated the Kees property which includes a house, original barn, and several acres to AHI. The house is Hodgson style, the first type built here, and we are planning on rehabilitating it and using it in several ways. Since it abuts our land behind Center Hall it will help protect the museum grounds so we can preserve our area’s … read more

The Tale of the Old Table

By Joe Wolfe My parents, Clinton and Irene Wolfe, were among the first fifty families to move to Arthurdale. Their home was F-6, which was one of the smaller Hodgson houses built on F Road. At that time, they had two daughters, Ruby and Delores. I was born in Arthurdale in 1937. In 1942 we moved further out the road to F-14, which was another Hodgson house but a little bigger than F-6. Because I was so young, I do … read more

Audio Tour

Funded through a 2008 grant by the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, Arthurdale is pleased to unveil these new audio narratives about our nationally significant community. Can’t visit Arthurdale in person?  Learn more about our unique community by listening to these new audio narratives covering various topics about Arthurdale. Planning a visit to Arthurdale?  The following audio files will be a great addition to the Driving Tour of Arthurdale’s Historic District. Each topical subject … read more

Help us meet our goal!

Thank You We are happy to report that community spirit and support for Arthurdale is very strong! We’ve asked for your help and so many of you have chipped in.  We are so very grateful. Thank you. We set a high goal internally for ourselves this year of $7500.00 for the annual Fall Appeal and we are very close.  As our campaign winds, down we inch ever closer.  We wanted to send out this note so that those of you … read more


Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic Arthurdale, WV. Created in 1985, AHI has restored five community buildings that make up the New Deal Homestead Museum: the Center Hall, Administration Building, Forge, Esso Station, and the E-15 Homestead. We are in the process of restoring the E-2 one of the original Hodgson homesteads.


The second 75 homes built, designated Wagner houses, were all constructed in 1935. Standing one and one half or two stories high, they were substantially larger than the Hodgson homes. Built on raised cinderblock foundations, the upper stories featured wood frames and siding with gabled roofs. Only six of Wagner homes had basements and also featured hipped roofs of cedar shingles. An advocate of rural electrification, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt asked that these homes be fully electrified; however, the heating … read more


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