Arthurdale Souvenirs

Cat’s Meow Series
In 2003,  Arthurdale Heritage began releasing its keepsake Cat’s Meow® Village series.  All buildings featured in the series are handcrafted, through a seven-stage production process that includes cutting, screen-printing, and individual hand-finishing.


Handcrafted Leaf Pendant

Hand-forged by Arthurdale Blacksmith, Randy Summers, this beautiful leaf pendant necklace is made from a 3/8” round steel rod that has been uniquely designed and formed into a leaf.  The 2” long metal leaf is then strung on a 22” long black cord. Randy makes these exclusively for Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. Each pendant has it’s own individual characteristics, much like those in nature.

Available for $15.00 plus postage.



Created from the Library of Congress’ 1930’s photos of the Arthurdale Community, these postcard images include First graders at school in Arthurdale,  Arthurdale High School, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt dancing with a young resident of Arthurdale, and a Hodgson House.

Package of 4 available for $4.50 plus postage.


Paper Weights

Purchase a handcrafted glass paperweight featuring an original Eleanor Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt stamp from the US Postal Service.

Available for $19.00 plus postage.